Teen Games Always searching for something exciting and cool, teens are the largest consumer base for cool online, video and other indoor games. The gaming industry caters to their needs by designing the newest and most dynamic gadgets and games to entertain their most loyal customers.

3D Video Games

3D Video games are a great way to spend time engaging in a creative fantasy world on your own, or with your friends. Newly developed technological devices have brought a new generation of games like the Xbox 360 games or the new Wii games that are on the top wish list for most teens and even most adults. With games developed and brought on the market to attract all types of teens, the gaming industry keeps teens “hooked” on these games by always upgrading and creating more exciting games. These are the modern, 21st century versions of our grandparents’ board games and they create all possible 3D worlds we can imagine. By making teens become virtual action heroes, mercenaries or extreme race drivers, games target the teen sector that is always in search of more action, more of anything that could have a “cool factor” embedded in it.

The rise in the scope and scale of the game industry and its effect on teens – in the extreme cases leading to video games addiction- has led to the rise of a new academic field in the areas of humanities called “game studies” or more professionally known as “ludology” – the science of games.

For all the passionate gamers out there some studies that have even proven that online gaming or playing video games increases your attention span, your sensitivity to peripheral vision activity and leads to better visual and motor skills . Some experts go as far as to suggest that the effects of video games offer strong support to applying their concepts to education and hence increasing the ability of students to concentrate in a multi tasking environment.

For all of you teens out there that are stuck with your passion for your newly bought Xbox or the latest version of any computer games this might be some good news!