With music, fashion and games dedicated to teens only there had to be media dedicated to sharing and writing about teenagers as well.   Magazines for teenagers are a large and quite popular brand of written media.

Magazines for girls

On their way to becoming women, teenage girls have a wide variety of magazines to choose from. Dealing with an increased focus in fashion and beauty, girl fashion magazines cover the newest fashion trends for girls, offer make up and style tips but also address teenage girl concerns such as: sexuality, health and social issues.

Interestingly enough, most teenage girls will be more comfortable writing to a Dr X who writes articles in teen magazines and who will respond to their health and social question than sharing these concerns with their friends or parents.

Major brands of mainstream fashion and beauty magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan have dedicated special teen magazines that fit in their brand focus, but address specific subjects appealing to teenage girls: such as beauty, style, music and many more.

Magazines for guys

Not so much concerned with the newest hair and makeup tips, guys have nonetheless a large choice when it comes to teenage magazines. From games magazines covering the latest reviews and articles about the latest games released on the market to car magazines or sports magazines, all of them are addressing the interests teenage boys may have.

Some magazines may be dealing with age related issues such as teenage music, games, travel or any other leisure activity and those could not necessarily be categorized according to their gender focus. These magazines will try to attract both teenage boys and teenage girls as their target consumers and in this way have a larger appeal to both genders. Even so, teenage boys out there most of the time will find it too feminine to read magazines that are covering “teens stuff”.

Interestingly enough as they are all trying to discover all the details about their experiences and the ones of the opposite sex, they might be secretly shopping a girls’ teen magazine and enjoy a bashing session with their friends about the contents of the magazine.

If you are one of them or one of the teen “fashionistas” on your way to becoming an adult fashion addict there are plenty magazine out there for all of you!