Teen Music Music is always a way for teens to express themselves, bond with other fans but also find a way of sharing their feelings. The entertainment industry has all the genres of music, news and gossip readily available for all the teens out there     ready to have a blast.


From pop rock, metal rock, hip hop, R&B, metal rap, dance, trance to all the possible types of music there will be plenty of bands and artists out there for any taste

Music artists, more than any other popular stars, will be important inspirations for teens. Their style of clothing, their looks and their music will play significant parts in modeling the tastes of teens all over the world. From posters to fan clubs, music ring tones and many more, the music industry makes itself more marketable to teens and brings music artists closer to teens’ lives.


The hits that make charts like the Billboard Top 100 are part of teen culture whether in music players, on the TV on just as a discussion subject while spending time with friends.

From buying original CDs to downloading songs off of the internet, today’s technology allows teens to listen to their songs wherever and whenever. Whether it is on your multimedia phone, your music player or on your computer, songs can now reach more teens much faster.


Artist will have songs and music videos they will spend money promoting to increase their sales and fan base. Other times, they create controversies as a way of attracting attention. Either by portraying girls in sexually demeaning postures or by depicting teen violence or encouraging illegal behaviors, videos sometimes become a negative influence for teens. Reaching millions of fans through the web or through TV, artists can also inspire teens to join causes like fighting world poverty, fighting for social justice or many other pressing global issues.

Addressing millions of young, creative and sometimes rebel teenagers, the music industry will always try to match artists with teens’ preferences and for that reason controversy is one of the ways to keep it all more exciting, attract attention and become worldwide gossip material.